It's your perfect day; why not celebrate your "I do's" with a fireworks extravaganza? 1st Class Fireworks is Indiana's leader in wedding fireworks displays and can work with you, or your wedding planner, to customize a wedding day fireworks show based on your wedding colors and theme.

Romance Under the Stars

From elegant streaming fireworks to the ones that go "BOOM!", making your heart race with excitement, we can design a wedding fireworks show that will light up the sky. Simply contact us and let us know your budget and we will arrange a one-of-a-kind wedding day fireworks display, just for you. No wedding is complete without the thrill of fireworks!

A Special Wedding Day

1st Class Fireworks sees to every detail surrounding your wedding fireworks display, so that you don't have to worry. Our wedding day fireworks display packages include:

  • Site Safety Inspection
  • Fireworks Permits
  • Coordination with Fire Authorities
  • Liability Insurance
  • Professional Fireworks Crew
  • Wedding Fireworks
1st Class can provide a fireworks display for nearly any budget, although private wedding displays typically start around $3000 for a fireworks display that lasts a few minutes.


Do-It-Yourself Fireworks for Weddings

Do you want all your guests to have wedding sparklers as a party favor, or to create a sparkling passageway for the happy couple to pass through? Or, perhaps you want to do a wedding fireworks show yourself? We also offer an extensive line of consumer fireworks appropriate for any wedding day, including a large selection of 500 gram cakes and multi-shot repeaters, as well as sparklers and fountains. You can buy consumer fireworks online and pick up your order locally, or give us a budget and we'll choose a fabulous show for you.  Delivery in advance is even available, JUST ASK!